So what does being 'job ready' really mean?

To most people, being job ready simply means they have an up-to-date resume and cover letter, they've done basic job interview preparation and have professional looking attire for an interview. On a very, very general level this could be ready for a job but if I were to rate that level of readiness to start job hunting seriously, then I would give that about a 3 out of 10.... (continued)

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How to maximise your internship experience

Internships are the initial stepping stones to building your career. They're an opportunity to develop your understanding of the industry and get that all-important practical work experience. But internships can give you so much more. Below are 4 key areas that can really help you get the most out of your internship.... (continued)

Graduate job seekers – Do you have these 3 qualities to impress a top entrepreneur?

If you're a graduate looking to work for an entrepreneur, you're either one of those who want to change the world or you're insane (tongue in cheek). Working for an entrepreneur can be a rollercoaster of fun, uncertainty, disappointment, elation, education and great rewards. It's also an opportunity to observe and learn from trial and error/mistakes if you're thinking of one day becoming an entrepreneur yourself. But one big challenge in graduate job search is finding a junior role that doesn't require bucket loads of industry experience.... (continued)

How to handle working for a younger boss

Australia now has the oldest retirement age (to be eligible for a pension) in the developed world, which means the trend of older workers working for younger bosses will soon be the rule, rather than the exception. In most situations, then generation mix works really well but on occasion, issues may arise when there's a difference in opinion, ideas and values. If you're in this situation, in order to make it work you'll need to show acceptance, respect and possibly a brand new attitude.... (continued)

The secrets to building your personal brand online

One of the key elements to building a successful career is managing and leveraging your personal brand. Your personal brand is how you represent yourself in person, on paper and online. It's also your reputation and unique promise of value to a potential employer. Without a strong personal brand, you'll struggle to differentiate yourself, which means you'll miss opportunities and possibly that all-important dream job.... (continued)

Cover letter tips - Could video intros replace the cover letter?

Covers letters – you either love them or hate them. Ask any hiring manager what they think. You may be surprised to learn that many simply ignore them; considering them a waste of time. Their time of course! With so many other tools giving potential employers a better snapshot of your experience, is it time the cover letter was put into retirement?... (continued)

LinkedIn vs Trumpet Page – What’s The Difference?

LinkedIn is one of the oldest social networks and the biggest professional network today. In 2014, it clocked over 300 million users, gaining 2 new users every second. LinkedIn reaches into 200 countries and is viewed in 20 different languages. It's a phenomenal networking resource for professionals and one that I use for my business every day. For businesses, Linkedin provides a one-stop-shop for recruiting, networking, brand building, publishing, relationship building and marketing. LinkedIn does many things, but nothing particularly.... (continued)

Sloppy ‘Genius’ or ‘Schoolmarm’ – What’s your work attire really saying about you?

Our wardrobe says a lot about us and our psychology determines the clothes we wear both in and out of the office. The outfit we choose can tell people the type of job we have, how we’re feeling and also our spending habits. What message are you sending in the workplace and how can you use your wardrobe to change the way others perceive you? ... (continued)

Graduates: Job Search Strategies That Work (And That You Probably Never Thought To Try)

If you're a recent graduate looking for your first job or intern trying to get some valuable work experience, below are 2 simple job search strategies that will give you the upper hand and show a potential employer what you're made of.... (continued)

Dealing with rejection – how to put things into perspective and move forward

As job seekers and business owners, we've all faced rejection at some point. Rejection sucks and it can really turn your world upside down. But if we learn to handle rejection better and not view it as a personal attack, you can actually turn rejection into a more positive experience. Remember, rejection is not the end, it's just a step in the path.... (continued)

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