How to handle working for a younger boss

If you’re in your 40’s, it’s increasingly likely that you’ll be supervised or managed by someone younger than yourself at some stage in your career. Would you have a problem with that? In today’s workforce, it’s often very challenging for older workers to gain employment once they hit 45 because they’re seen by many as just too old. I’ve harped on about this many times – older workers can offer so many things. The have a greater range of life skills, they have a whole career worth of experience, their children have grown up so they have limited family commitments, plus they are reliable and motivated to stay employed. But sometimes older workers feel resentment and negativity which is a barrier to what could be a great working relationship.... (continued)

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Could video intros replace the cover letter?

A cover letter is designed to be an introduction to your application, brief summary of your relevant skills and outline of your suitability for the job. If the application guidelines allow, an email cover letter containing this same information can be used instead. Don’t make the common mistake of thinking a cover letter is a generic document for every job you apply for. Employers will do 1 of 3 things with a cover letter. They will read it before they look over your resume, they will read it after they’ve read your resume or, they disregard it altogether. This puts job seekers in a difficult position because even if the employer doesn’t read your cover letter, it’s likely your application won’t be considered if you make no effort at all to write one, so my advice is to follow the application instructions to a tee. To find out more about how to be the stand-out job candidate, visit our blog – Is being the stand out candidate more than just good resume writing?... (continued)

LinkedIn vs Trumpet Page – What’s The Difference?

LinkedIn is one of the oldest social networks and the biggest professional network today. In 2014, it clocked over 300 million users, gaining 2 new users every second. LinkedIn reaches into 200 countries and is viewed in 20 different languages. It’s a phenomenal networking resource for professionals and one that I use for my business every day. For businesses, Linkedin provides a one-stop-shop for recruiting, networking, brand building, publishing, relationship building and marketing. LinkedIn does many things, but nothing particularly. ... (continued)

Sloppy ‘Genius’ or ‘Schoolmarm’ – What’s your work attire really saying about you?

Our wardrobe says a lot about us and our psychology determines the clothes we wear both in and out of the office. The outfit we choose can tell people the type of job we have, how we’re feeling and also our spending habits. What message are you sending in the workplace and how can you use your wardrobe to change the way others perceive you? ... (continued)

Graduates: Job Search Strategies That Work (And That You Probably Never Thought To Try)

If you’re a recent graduate looking for your first job or intern trying to get some valuable work experience, below are 2 simple job search strategies that will give you the upper hand and show a potential employer what you’re made of.... (continued)

Dealing with rejection – how to put things into perspective and move forward

As job seekers and business owners, we've all faced rejection at some point. Rejection sucks and it can really turn your world upside down. But if we learn to handle rejection better and not view it as a personal attack, you can actually turn rejection into a more positive experience. Remember, rejection is not the end, it's just a step in the path.... (continued)

Are You A Clueless Candidate?

Did you know that our recent Trumpet Page research shows that in Australia, 200 people on average apply for any advertised position? Our research also revealed that 33% of job seekers don't know what to write on their resume/CV and 40% lacked the confidence to market themselves for a job. When we talked to some of Australia's leading Australian recruitment agencies, 88% complained that they wasted a significant amount of time reading through poorly written applications, which means there's a lot of guess work in determining who actually has the right skills for the job.... (continued)

Online Profiles – What Happens To Your Information When You're Not Around?

When you apply for a job, you are trusting people with a significant amount of personal and professional information. This doesn't just relate to traditional resumes and CVs. What about the information contained on your public profiles? Most of us never give it another thought or consider the consequences of sharing your information with complete strangers. So what can happen if your details (the confidential information about where you studied, who you've worked for, what you've achieved for a company etc.) get shared throughout someone's office or get in the hands of hackers?... (continued)

Resume Scanning Software: How To Conquer The System And Get To Round 2

Have you ever wondered what happens to your job application once you press the email 'Send' button? It would be nice to think that a recruiter or hiring manager is sitting at their desk eagerly awaiting your email, opening it up straight away and spending a good 30 minutes (with a nice hot cuppa) carefully reading through each and every detail of your resume. Wake up and smell the coffee people. If you're lucky, your email will get opened in about 48 hours but it probably won't be looked at in any detail unless you survive the first elimination round. And unfortunately, that first elimination round is controlled by a robot – that's the resume scanning software.... (continued)

Let's get LOUD – Trumpet Page is here!

So the secret is out – Trumpet Page is finally here and now we want you to get LOUD. We want you to be the first in Australia to experience the Trumpet Page concept and blow your career horn, be the stand-out candidate and get more work. We want you to embrace your individuality and let go of all those things that have been holding you back (like your badly written resume and not telling people how great you are at what you do). If you're ready for something totally different, then come and join the trumpet blowing revolution!... (continued)

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